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Discover a web platform designed for crafting text and voice line for long-form stories, each over 20 minutes in length. Our tool allows for detailed narrative creation in any language, offering control over the intricacies of language and story development. Dive into tales where you choose the journey by entering your storyline and selecting the narrative perspective that suits your vision and learning purposes.

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Listen to the best long-form Generative AI stories

Russian emigrant


A story about the history of White émigré which spans several generations, detailing their initial escape from Russia due to the dangers posed by their loyalty to the Tsar, their life and integration into French society, and their descendants' eventual return to explore and reconnect with their Russian roots.



The story is about a young man who is looking for the studies at Pompeu Fabra University. Through his trip, he learns about the importance of research and personal visits to universities to make the best decision about his academic future. The story later describes his evolution from student to professional and mentor, highlighting his impact on the lives of other students and his contribution to sustainability and environmental projects.

George Orwell


George Orwell, the famous British writer, recounts his personal experience of joining the POUM militias during the Spanish Civil War to fight in defense of freedom and democracy against the advance of fascism. The narrative follows his arrival in Barcelona, his training, life on the front, the fighting and his reflections on the events and people he met during his stay in Spain.

Yi Sun-sin


The story about Admiral Yi Sun-sin, a revered national hero of Korea known for his leadership and naval victories against Japanese invasions in the 16th century. The story details his life, from his early interest in military arts, through his leadership in several critical battles during the Japanese invasions of Korea, to his development of the ironclad "turtle ship" and his lasting legacy.

Thomas Mann


The story chronicles the life of Thomas Mann, a German writer who, during the Nazi era, crafts a narrative to expose the regime's atrocities and inspire resistance. His efforts lead to the formation of "Die Feder des Widerstands," a movement fighting against oppression, which evolves into a global campaign advocating for justice, environmental protection, and social equity.

The villager


The story begins with the Roman arrival in the narrator's village and spans generations, detailing the interactions between the Romans and the local Germanic tribes, the rise of Arminius, and the eventual decline of Roman influence in the region.


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